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Over the years, TDH Canada has established malnutrition clinics, day care centers, primary schools, and community centers. In collaboration with TDH pour les enfants and TDH Ontario, the organization has also put into place a program of sponsorships and scholarships for the children in Vietnam, has built a vocational training center, and has participated in the construction of orphanages. TDH Canada also responds with disaster relief in the reconstruction and repair of orphanages and aid to the victims of such disasters. Here is a closer look at the Foundation achievements:


Sponsorship Program

In the province of Quang Ninh since 1993 and the province of Vung Tau since 1997, the sponsorship program allows the Foundation to support orphan children in the community and in orphanages. Sponsored children are those who are not adoptable and require special assistance, such as children living with HIV.

Scholarship Program

This program gives financial support to very poor students in Vietnam. TDH provides support for university education to several Vietnamese students. Kien, for example, reaches the end of his studies in computer science (Robotic Design) at the University of Hanoi. TDH has paid his education for three years and will continue until he graduates.

Water Buffalo

In association with the People’s Committee of Hoa Binh Province, the purchase of water buffalo by the Foundation allows families living in poverty to enjoy all the benefits of this animal for many years. Milk rich in protein, a force for plowing and sowing and manure to enrich the earth: these are some of the many benefits of the buffalo.

Vinh Son Orphanage, Kontum Province

The Catholic sisters who run the 5 orphanages in the region believe in the sustainable development of orphanages they support themselves. They have set up various projects and TDH provided materials to help them maintain these projects. TDH also provides material support and sponsorship for some of the 500 children cared by the sisters to their maturity.

Center for Child Protection of Long Hai

The Foundation participates in the construction and furnishing of the three phases of the new Long Hai Center in the area of Vung Tau in southern Vietnam. The center receives, feeds, houses and educates street children and children with disabilities.

Center for Assistance and Professional Formation of Vung Tau

TDH has helped to alleviate some of the most basic needs of more than 100 children at this orphanage. Children who stay there have serious deficiencies in basic needs. With the support of the Foundation, the living conditions of children have improved.

Center for the Protection of Orphans and Handicapped Children of Vung Tau

TDH gives general support for the 45 children in this orphanage, especially for children with disabilities.

Hoa Binh Orphanage

The Foundation helps for infrastructure improvements at the orphanage that provides services to children and elderly of the region, medically and socially. The Centre has about 150 residents, but offers a clinic every day and offers services to the community.

Support to Special Needs Children

TDH assist children in orphanages and Quebec adoptive parents to facilitate the adoption of children with HIV or other severe disabilities. The Foundation coordinates and participates in the payment of treatment costs or hospitalization of some children with major special needs adopted by parents in Quebec.


Biloritchensky Orphanage

The Foundation paid for the replacement of the windows in the dormitory building of Biloritchensky Orphanage. About 170 children are housed in this institution which is the poorest of the region. It was built nearly 80 years ago and has never been renovated. A girl recently adopted from this orphanage said that during the cold weather the children placed their beds side by side and piled their blankets to stay warm. The needs are great for this orphanage and TDH Foundation helps to improve the wellbeing of children who live there.

El Salvador

Fundacion Fundeliddi El Salvador

In collaboration with the Foundation Fundeliddi El Salvador, TDH provided school supplies to children of war-wounded and disabled ex-soldiers, whose incomes are very low. TDH and the Foundation have provided school supplies to over 115 of these children.


FANIA, School Sœur Marie-Léonard

TDH is the sole financial support of the school FANIA, in the region Nueva Suyapa, a slum of Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. This school, operated by its director Oscar Ramirez helped by teachers and students’ parents, receives 500 students from first to sixth grade. A nutritional center attached to the school can also accommodate and feed 50 children every day coming from poor families in the region.

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